It’s been a month since I wrote anything here, so I think it’s time to give an update.
New Toys
In preparation for getting back on the air after many years away, I’ve been collecting a few necessities. I started by picking up a Yaesu FT-DX1200 on the used market. I was not familiar with this rig when I stumbled upon it, but after a bit of quick research I decided to jump on it. After playing with it for a few weeks, I’m really glad I did! It lacks the real time waterfall display that some of the modern software-defined and hybrid rigs have, but I spent a lot of years with a Drake TR7 that didn't even have IF filters so I’m over the moon. I can't wait to get more time with this rig. Other recent acquisitions include RigExpert antenna analyzerVibroplex Vibrokeyer, some ferrite beads, a few SO-239 barrel connectors, and a world map.
On the Air
Upon receiving the 1200, I hastily tossed a 40m dipole up in the back yard. It’s only about 6 feet off the ground, so the loss is terrible but I’m excited to be able to get on the air. So far I’ve only made a few contacts with POTA stations on SSB, but I should be able to get on the CW band soon. (And I really need to try to get that dipole up higher too.)
In anticipation of making many contacts, I ordered new QSL cards. Yeah those old fashioned paper ones. (Here’s a sneak peek.) I’m hoping there are enough people out there who use them that I can start receiving some again.
73 till next time.
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